About Me

I am currently an Engineer for NAVTEQ in Carlsbad, CA (our office was formerly known as PixelActive). My work and opinions here are my own and completely independent of my employer.

I spend most of my “recreational” time reading, programming, or playing video games (research!). Occasionally, I’ll squeeze in some time to work on music composition.


About the Site

Since the Summer of 2004, it has been a long-term goal of mine to write a game engine from the ground up. Little did I know how much of an undertaking this task really was! Despite a few rudimentary components and demos I ended up implementing along the way, I decided to start fresh in Sept 2008 and Pulsar is the culmination of my efforts.

Now that I have assembled a discernible amount of core functionality, I decided it was time to take things one step further and create this site to document my progress. Although I am still learning a lot of this as I go, I hope that my posts here will serve as a sensible resource for anyone who may be trying to build an engine of their own.


Banner Image: White dwarf in the AE Aquarii system. NASA, Casey Reed.